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discounts for serving
14/30 DAY NOTICES in bulk.

Perfect for property managers of apartment complexes that serve notice to 2 or more tenants at the same complex at the same time!

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Landlords, make sure your
14/30 day notices are incontestable in court.
Have it served by a constable.


All landlords end up with a bad egg at some time. If you haven't, you're lucky...for now. But for the most part, speaking for myself, I've had some excellent, respectful tenants. Tenants who pay their rent on time and sometimes before the first of the month. One former tenant baked me lemon bread every Christmas. Some even shovel the snow! If something needs to be fixed, they call me rather than wait until it's unrepairable. I think my tenants realize that my houses are in prime locations, units are in great shape, tenants get along with other tenants, I'm fair when they have special requests and they have respect for me and the work I put into my properties.

For the most part, when it came to the few times I had to serve notice, the tenants left without too much confrontation mainly because I had EVERYTHING IN WRITING. That's the key to successful terminations.

I've learned enough to represent myself in some cases, but I DO recommend a lawyer for the difficult ones.

Oh, go to any reputable bookstore or and purchase a tenant/landlord law book or reference guide for YOUR state. AND READ IT!